Living / Green Walls

Living Walls, Bringing Life to your Design 

Redlough Landscape are a certified specifier, installer and service provider for multiple green wall systems, including biotecture and Plantbox systems.

Green Walls are at the cutting edge of design and can be installed on almost any structure, indoors and outdoors. They make a dramatic statement and create a welcoming enviorment for employees, clients and visitors.

All our living wall systems can come with an ongoing horticultural maintenance service to ensure they consistently look great. Each project is custom designed to fit the clients needs and managed throughout the install.


What is a living wall?
A living wall is comprised of plants grown in supported vertical systems that are generally attached to an internal or external wall, although in some cases can be freestanding.
Like many green roofs, green walls incorporate vegetation, growing medium, irrigation and drainage into a single system.
What are the benefits of a living wall?

Internal Benefits

  • Reduces carbon dioxide levels and cleans the air
  • Regulates humidity levels
  • Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide
  • Reducing airborne dust levels

External Benefits 

  • Increased protection against the elements, Direct sun light, acid rain, UV radiation.
  • Reduces energy cost by deflecting sunlight and cooling the air temperature around it. 
  • Reducing noise levels in urban areas 
  • Can be used as fully certified Rain screen cladding option. 
  • Keeping air temperatures down
Can a living wall be attached on any wall?
Yes, We can install a living wall to any wall, and if needed a sub frame is installed to support the living wall.
What is the weight per M2 of a living wall?
A fully watered living wall can weigh from 70kg per M2.
Is a Living wall Fireproof?
Yes, we can provide a fully certified living wall as a rain screen cladding that complies with fire regulations.
How do the plants in a living wall get water and fertilizer?
An automatic irrigation system is installed on all our walls and a slow-releasing fertilizer is applied throughout the year as part of the maintenance service.
What is included in the maintenance of a living wall?
Each maintenance package is tailored to each specific wall, but they mainly include, regulation of the irrigation system, pruning, feeding and replacing plants as needed.
Can a living wall be installed all year round?
Within reason yes, a living wall can be installed all year round. Bad frosty conditions can delay the install of a living wall.
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