Internal Walls

Transform any vertical surface, into a unique and beautiful living feature. Bring nature into your workplace and create a lasting impression for your clients.

We help businesses, especially in urban environments, to reconnect with nature by combinding the different elements into carefully considered designs. Not only can we use mixed foliage to create intricate displays, we can incorporate letters, shapes and logos to help boost your brand identity and impress your customers/ clients.

Internal Benefits:

Reduces carbon dioxide levels and cleans the air

Regulates humidity levels

Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide

Reducing airborne dust levels

Keeping air temperatures down

Create a safe space for your staff and customers when you reopen your business by making sure that you have the proper social distancing protocols in place. Now more than ever dividers are being used to divide spaces and Redlough Landscape can provide a beautiful and healthy solution. They also can create a 2-meter distance anywhere in your business premises to promote social distancing and create a safe distance between your customers and staff when they return to work.

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