External Walls

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There are many forms of urban greening such as planting trees and constructing green roofs. A green/living wall can provide a host of benefits to the environment, people living and working in the area and to the buildings themselves.

External living walls can be installed to any fassade or walk way to create a more inviting enviorment. A living wall can be retro fitted to any building to bring it back to life and enhance it’s apperance.

The Biotecture living wall system is designed and validated to ‘work’ as the rainscreen cladding element of buildings. As such, rather than being an add on, our living wall system is integral to the building design and in terms of value should be considered against other cladding systems rather than being seen as an additional cost

External Benefits

Increased protection against the elements, Direct sun light, acid rain, UV radiation.

Reduces energy cost by deflecting sunlight and cooling the air tempeture around it.

Reducing noise levels in urban areas.

Can be used as fully certified Rain screen cladding option.

To provide independent assurance, Biotecture commissioned a comprehensive analysis and report on the structural performance of their living wall system. They engaged Evolve Consulting, Structural and Civil Engineers to carry this report. Their full 26 page report is available on request.

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